Welcome to the Isolation Barn!

  • To enter isolation​ you must provide us with a copy of a veterinary signed health test showing your bull is negative for the following diseases:

    1. Tuberculosis​ (TB)

    2. Brucellosis

    3. Bovine Viral Diarrhea

    4. Leptospirosis

    5. Campylobacteriosis

    6. Trichomoniasis

  • Passing these tests (being negative for those diseases), means that your bull will be able to mount steers in our isolation barn.​​​​

  • Isolation health test timelines

    • Within 60 days prior to arrival​

      • TB intradermal injection​

      • IMPORTANT: TB test must be read within 72 hours of injection. OR you will have to wait another 60 days before another injection/test can be completed. ​72 hours after injection bulls will often exhibit a false positive until the injection wears off 60 days after it was given.

    • Within 30 days of arrival

      • Brucellosis, CARD, BAPA or CF (blood test)​

      • BVD PCR blood tests (prefered) or antigen capture ELISA (blood test)

      • Bovine Leptospirosis: A blood test for 5 strains (negative at 1:100) for serotypes L. Pomona, L. hardjo, L. canicola, L. icterohaemorrhagiae, and L. grippotyphosa

        • Call us if the results are not negative at 1:100.​

      • Trichomoniasis PCR by preputial swab


    • If we do not receive proof of your bull passing the above tests, we cannot allow him to enter the isolation barn. This protects other bulls within isolation from infection.​

    • Please have your veterinarian preform a physical exam at the time of these tests and indicate any abnormal findings.

    • DO NOT vaccinate your bulls prior to testing as this can cause bulls to exhibit false positives for the above tests.

    • All of these tests are "official" and require "official ID of your bull. Acceptable forms of ID are an 840 button/RFID or official metal tags and must correspond to blood test results and interstate health papers. 

      • Tattoos and brands are not considered official forms of ID​

    • Bulls in Isolation will undergo weekly trich/campy testing at owners expense.