In & Out Bull Collection

(The Pre-Entry Barn)

  • No health papers required for the Pre-Entry Barn 

    • Jump steers are not used to collect semen in this barn.​

    • Equipment is sterilized between each bull. 

    • Therefore, health papers are not required within the Pre-Entry Barn.

  • Stalls are available in this barn for:​​

    • Bulls awaiting health testing​.

    • Bulls needing a volume amount of semen collected (above 200 straws).

    • Bulls in need of several collections for semen quality improvement.

  • Bring your bull in the morning, take him home that same day.​​

    • Electro-ejaculate will be used to collect two semen samples from each bull.

    • If your bull doesn't produce high quality semen that does not mean he won't produce high quality semen, it just means he didn't produce high enough quality semen today.

      • See reasons for less than ideal semen/suggestions for improvements.