Our Focus

At ShowMe Genetics, we focus on customer satisfaction. Pregnant does/ewes mean happy customers, so our primary focus is high semen quality. Any semen collection that does not meet our morphology and motility standards  (low number of defects and high amount of semen cell movement), will be discarded. No straws of semen will be produced from discarded semen as our ShowMe staff wants to show you the highest possible fertility rates.

What Do I Need to Collect My Buck/Ram?

  1.  Call Before You Drive

    1. Make sure we have an appointment before you arrive. ​

    2. Bucks/Rams collected on Wednesday.

  2. Health Tests 

    1. In & Out Buck/Ram Collection does not require health tests.​

  3. Buck/Ram Collection Contract

    1. Complete a contract for each new animal you bring.​

  4. Registration Paper or Breed & Registration Number

    1. Send/bring us the registration paper or tell us the breed and registration number for our collection records.​

  5. Collection Goals

    1. Tell us how many straws you would like to freeze.​

  6. Billing

    1. If your buck/ram is owned in partnership, please provide us instructions to split bills.​ (If the partner's information is not given at collection, they will not have access to semen inventory collected).

ShowMe Semen Quality Standards

  • Every ejaculation is checked for morphology and motility (the percentage of viable, progressively moving sperm cells).

    • Morphology

      • To freeze semen samples must have a high percentage of viable sperm cells.

        • Therefore, a low percentage of abnormal sperm​ cells.

    • Motility

      • To freeze semen, samples must have progressively moving sperm cells.

  • After freezing, some motility is lost on each semen straw. Therefore, we randomly select straws from each collection to thaw and check motility once again.

  • # of straws varies due to the volume and concentration of each ejaculate collected.

  • Semen straws will be available a minimum of 24 hours after collection to allow for morphology and motility checks before and after freezing.




Semen Collection Fees

  • New Buck/Ram Entry Fee     $25.00​​

  • Pre-Freeze Discard Fee          $35.00

  • Post-Thaw Discard Fee           $50.00

Per Straw Fee is tiered pricing

  • 0-100 Straw                             $275.00 flat fee

  • 101-1000 Straws                     $2.50/straw

  • 1001 Straws and Up               $2.25/straw

Semen Evaluation (Semen sample will be checked for motility and morphology only)

  • Buck/Ram Semen Evaluation       $45

Tips & Suggestions for  Freezable Semen Quality


How to Prepare Your Buck/Ram for Semen Collection

  • Reduce your buck/ram stress

    •  The sperm sample produced today is likely the result of conditions 60-80 days before.

      • Avoid traveling within 60-80 days before you want to collect semen.

      • If your buck/ram has developed an infection or illness, give him 60-80 days ​to recover.

      • ​Avoid collecting 60-80 days after ​bucks/rams have experienced extreme temperatures or extreme temperature changes.

  • Allow your buck/ram time to reach mature breeding age.

    • We recommend collecting buck/ram over 6 months of age. ​

      • Some buck/ram take longer to reach maturity/may require more time to reach sexual maturity​

  • Turn your buck/ram out with does/ewes

    • Pasture breeding can be one of the best ways for buck/rams to naturally eject or clean out lower quality semen making way for higher quality semen production

  • Make sure your buck/ram is in ideal condition

    • Healthy working condition is recommended​

      • Bucks/rams with higher levels of external fat, will also develop fat around the testes.​

        • This fat can insulate the buck/ram scrotum, (causing difficulty regulating the testes temperature) and lower the semen quality produced.​